A few years ago, I was introduced to several Bible versions that were new to me. At first, I loved how easy they were to read; but then I began to wonder which translation was the best. I had always thought that the King James version was the only reliable version of the Bible, and… Read More

Silence. The space between sounds. It is found everywhere. Silence enriches the experience of life. It adds depth to music. We use it to emphasize our speech, to build suspense, to agree, to disagree, to remember, or to meditate. Without silence, our lives would be a mass of sensory input – one constant tidal wave… Read More

There is a question that almost all Christians have at some point: “If I believe participating in [whatever event] is wrong, can I attend it with a clear conscience?” Another variant of this question is “If someone else thinks that doing [whatever action] is wrong but I don’t, is it wrong for me to do it?” There… Read More

Hey guys! This short post I wrote is almost two months old now, but I think it can still be quite relevant to our lives. This post has served as the inspiration for this blog. Hope you enjoy it. Please comment if you feel led. I am far from an expert theologian, and am always open… Read More